Mr Whippy Ice Cream Indoor Events

We here at Mr whippy ice cream ltd are always on the cutting edge of technology for this industry, one of our best features on some of our vehicles is the electric motor system which allows us to plug into a 32amp socket and run through the electricity out of the wall.

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Indoor Events

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Indoor Events

The key benefits to having the electric motor are immense as we can still provide our great, professional and unique service to you wherever and whenever the time of year. The electric motor counters the use of the main diesel engine having to be ran to power the machine and all other onboards items allowing us to be able to park indoors, yes inside a building or any confined space without us having to have the engine running.

So in winter time or even summertime you may be planning some kind of event which is in a

-Exhibition centre


-Hotel Conference Rooms

Any indoor space you can think of this isn’t a problem for us ( Height restrictions apply, 32amp plug socket required )

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Indoor Events

So in winter time most events tend to move indoors because of the cold weather but some people still may want the image and nostalgic factor of the ice cream van still being there at the event or just because the British weather can be so unpredictable that some just hold the events indoors for the peace of mind of not having to cancel don’t worry we can help.

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Indoor Events

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Indoor Events

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Indoor Events

With the electric motor system driving the machines etc inside the van this again not only enable us to park indoors but it means

– Zero Emissions

– Low emission producing vehicles ( Euro 6 engines )

with this being said it all goes hand in hand with all the new rules and regulations the government keep bringing out to try and stay as eco friendly as possible and help promote a green future as business try and be more conscious about there emission footprint on the world.

Just get in touch today to discuss mr whippy ice cream indoor events with one of our team and we can help smooth over any questions you may have about the system.

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