Corporate Event Ice Cream Hire

Corporate event ice cream hire over the past few years has become ever more popular with companies hosting staff fun days, company birthdays and so on. With us being the leading supplier in Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van Hire we have attended many of these events and gained valuable experience from them to make sure we are providing you with the best possible service.

How do we provide the best in corporate event ice cream hire?

Simple, by giving you all the options to create your own unique menus for the day and providing branded menus and ice cream tubs we can help you in the process of not just hiring one of our specialist vans but making it your own!

Some options we can provide

-Branded Ice Cream Tubs

-A unique and personal menu board with branding

-Special off-menu products such as a logo printed onto a wafer

-Staff will wear company uniform if provided

Corporate Event Ice Cream Hire

Branded Ice Cream Tubs


We always try and make hiring one of our highly specialised vans as unique to you and your brand as possible to add the extra fun and exciting vibe to your event and so it doesn’t just feel like your hiring just an ice cream van.

As we have learnt of the years brand image is just as important as selling the products you have to offer so by us being able to offer brand new Mercedes Benz Ice cream Vans you can be assured we won’t look out of place by turning up in a rust bucket!

Corporate Event Ice Cream Hire

State of the art Mercedes Benz Ice Cream Vans

As our vehicles are the Roll’s Royce of ice cream vans we don’t just offer a plain old 99, we special waffle cones with the addition of sherbets and variety of sauces your guests will be spoilt for choice. We can also offer our services indoors or enclosed spaces with our state of the art electric motor drive system. So if you are having it inside your delivery depot or hiring an exhibition centre for the day do not worry we can still offer our No.1 service to you. Head over to our Get a Quote Page to start the simple and easy way to hire one of our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans.

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Corporate Event Ice Cream Hire