Office Ice Cream Hire

Fancy a Mr Whippy in the office? our Office Ice Cream Hire service is for you!

We can supply one of our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans to come to your office/workplace to provide you and all the staff in your office with a tasty treat to cool you down on a super hot summers days. It’s not uncommon for the boss to give us a phone call on a hot day for us to turn up as a surprise with our chimes ringing at your chosen time to suit you and your office staff to make sure it doesn’t disrupt them working but at the same time enjoying their tasty treat. Floor by floor, department by department. We regularly provide offices from 500 staff to office estates with 3000 staff members. Keeping workflow to continue is vital and we understand this. With our new modern Mercedes Benz vehicles with the latest in industry equipment. Whether we only have an hour to serve 1000 staff members this isn’t a problem. Our highly trained, DBS checked staff will cope with any amount thrown at them. Get your free Quote today.

Office Ice Cream Van Hire

We always recommended if you have a pre-planned office party or a day you can decide on to hire us as we do end up getting inundated with emails and phone calls on the day and because the ones who have pre-booked take priority and then on a first come first basis we do have to, unfortunately, say we can’t provide our service that day. If we do have a slot the next day or within a few days time and this still suits your needs then we can always agree and book you in!

We have a fleet nationwide from London to Manchester we are ready to come and supply you with tasty and cooling Mr Whippy Ice Cream treats, we have a variety of products available also for vegetarians, vegans, halal and any other dietary requirements you may have. Our staff are trained and we have files carried at all times to show ingredients in all our products we carry and serve.

Office Ice cream Hire

Office Ice Cream Hire

Hard work must reap rewards and what a better way to treat them to a tasty treat and bring back childhood memories of the ice cream van. The way we serve and help offer our service will affect the work in the office very little.  We will always help and try and provide as many details and information we can to help you in the process of hiring one of our reliable ice cream vans.

From just an office call out to grand openings or family fun days. We can cater for you and your event.

Indoor Ice Cream Van hire

With the weather being as ever predictable here in the UK. We understand you may not want to book a van for it to then rain. If your company is based in a big industrial unit. We can provide our services indoors, yes that is correct. Indoors, with our modern electric system as long as there is a 32amp socket and obviously we fit inside the unit. Then this may be another option for you and your company.

Office Ice Cream Van Hire

Go to our Get a Quote Page and fill in the form there or if you need to ring on the day (not recommended to avoid disappointment) then it’s all there for you to follow the steps.

Look no further we provide the No.1 Office Ice Cream Hire Service

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