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Have you ever wondered where our Ice Cream Vans are made? Or are you looking at hiring a Ice Cream Van for your event?

Well you have come to the right place, with a fleet that’s ever growing we can not only help you in how and where they are made but also you can hire one of our specialist Ice Cream Vans for your event, whether that be a wedding, corporate event, fun day basically anything you can think off we can help and provide you with a free quote.

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Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van

We will start with how to hire one of our Ice Cream Vans, If you just simply need a quick price then the easiest way for you is to head straight over to the Get A Quote Page. Simply fill the form out and we will be back in touch with you will full details of what we can offer you with a full breakdown in price also.

If your after more information on what services we can offer and how our Ice Cream Vans look we have provided our website with all the info we felt was necessary. head over to our Homepage for a brief description and break down or head over to our Ice Cream Van Hire Page for a full in depth description for each type and kind of event we can attend.

Where and how are Ice Cream Van(s) made?

It might be a question that has popped up through a quiz or you may have been or seen one of our Ice Cream Vans and wondered how it’s all made and works. You probably would think that we import them just like most things we have in the UK but you may be surprised to hear that they are made In Cheshire, more specifically Crewe. In the height of Ice Cream Vans in the 60s 70s and 80s there were a few key local manufacturers of Ice Cream Vans in Crewe but as the decline of them has happened in recent years one Managed to buy the rights to continue building one of it’s rivals body’s.

The body is usually made out of a fibreglass mould to fit onto a chassis of a van, the van has to be rear wheeled drive due to the direct drive system which was invented in Crewe by the founder of Whitby Morrison. His innovative design took the Ice Cream Van industry to a new level offering a simple but effective way of running the famous Mr Whippy Ice Cream machines. The founder Bryan Whitby in 1962 started his company and his son and grand son has since taken over the company directing it into new areas as well as ever improving the design of there Ice Cream Vans. In recent years the world has become known of the highly skilled builders and have seen many orders from the Crewe factory being shipped abroad to over 60 different countries.

Ice Cream Van

Here is there history and story of making these hugely popular vehicles.

”From the early 1950s, founder Bryan Whitby was busy developing his expertise and knowledge as a vehicle bodywork specialist. Having completed an apprenticeship with the renowned coachbuilders J H Jennings of Sandbach, he soon qualified as a skilled vehicle builder. However, he was soon called to National Service, where he gained further experience of commercial vehicles in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

On his return to coach building, Bryan spent some time at the Rolls Royce Motor Co. in Crewe and also back at J H Jennings. Yet it was at S C Cummins in Shavington, near Crewe, that he found the demands of the ice cream mobiling boom to be especially challenging. His was the key role in developing the new body designs and associated equipment. With his practical skills, Bryan was able to progress the design completely through from basic concept to the production of the first prototype.”

”From those early days Whitby Morrison has continued to set the standards and we now provide a ‘one stop’ package for today’s discerning Mobiler. With our heritage dating back to the 1950s and with such a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mobilers worldwide depend on us with confidence. In recent years the Whitby business has continued to enjoy a high level of success and progression. The world’s leading manufacturer of Ice Cream Vehicles has now moved into it’s third generation with Bryan’s grandson Edward joining the company.

With a wealth of skill, experience and tradition amalgamated into one highly specialist company, Whitby are able to meet the most exacting requirements of customers in a worldwide market.”

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