London Mr Whippy

We had a call a few weeks back asking us to provide the wonderful city of London Mr Whippy Ice Cream. They asked if it would be possible to provide two locations in London with our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans and of course this wasn’t an issue.

London Mr Whippy

We set off for the drive down to London 2 hours early. With a stop of at a service station to fuel up and make sure the vehicles were all topped up with the necessary fluids. We expected to encounter some sort of traffic. We drove on until we were around an hour away from the first location, a farm just on the outskirts of London then broke the convoy so the second van which was heading straight into the centre of London city itself.

Passing by Buckingham Palace and many other tourist sights. Finally arriving at a primary school near enough next to Battersea Power Station.

London Mr Whippy

London Mr Whippy

After serving all the volunteers who were helping out at each location we later found out that we had actually been hired by non-other, NBC Universal who are in fact the group who owns Universal Studios, NBC News and many more successful company’s.

Finally, if you require London Mr Whippy Hire, then contact us via the Get A Quote Page.


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