Liverpool Uni Treat

As we continue to work with universities across the country. Liverpool Uni Treat was no different. We have worked with Liverpool University now for many years. Attending all kind of different events they have across the year. This event was for the students who were having a stress relief day.

The universities always are encouraging anyway the students see fit to relax and try and ease the stress of there exams. All this hopefully helps them, in the long run, to perform better in their final exams as they haven’t been worrying in the lead up to the exam. With us trying to support all forms of education. One way we do this is by giving the best possible rates we can to help keep providing a cheap but professional option they have for events.

Our Modern & Clean fleet of Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans are very unique painted vehicles. The usability of them and ease of use means we can turn up at any event without causing any unnecessary hassle.

Liverpool Uni Treat

Liverpool Uni Treat

If your a student union member or are looking to hire a van for you University event. Simply head over to our Get a Quote Page and follow the steps on there. As previously mentioned we work very hard alongside and form of education event. University’s, Colleges, High Schools, Primary Schools.  We can not only provide our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans to outdoor events but we can also park indoors.

Our state of the art vehicles has what is called an electric motor drive which allows us to park indoors without the need to run the engine. You can read more about how the motor works HERE.

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