Trafford College Open Day

Trafford College Open Day once again had us turn up with one of our specialist Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans. Handing out free Mr Whippy to students. Who was having a look around the college to see if it’s suitable for them to progress in life? Trafford College Open Day is a great way for them to showcase what they have to offer and have undergone a recent upgrade.

Millions of pounds have been invested into it in recent years and you can certainly see that.

Trafford College Open Day

”If you share our passion for success. Then you are in the right place, and in good company. Every year over 12,000 students of all ages choose to study with us because they want to succeed too.

Whether your goal is to be your own boss or to work for global business. Secure a promotion or gain your first job through an Apprenticeship. You will benefit from industry-standard training facilities that are among the best in the North West.

You will enjoy high quality technical and professional training that will develop the skills you need. To take you to university or straight into work. You’ll be surrounded by award-winning support and an outstanding team. That is here to help you settle into, and succeed, during your time at college.

Why Trafford College? It’s simple. We’re innovative and provide a great place to learn. We don’t just provide you with a qualification you’ll leave with a broad range of skills to help you succeed. We have great university and employer links helping you to make valuable contacts and learn from industry experts. We’re also recognised by Ofsted as Good.

The team here at Trafford College look forward to welcoming you to our amazing college.

Lesley Davies OBE
Principal, Trafford College”

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