High Lane Fun Day

High Lane Fun Day held at the primary school is another great annual event we have. The fun day is host to a variety of things for everyone to do. They have a BBQ and other sweets and goodies on offer as well as our Mr Whippy Ice Cream. The schools place stalls selling a variety of items. From hand made cards to local businesses selling their own products.

High Lane Fun Day is all in aid to try and raise some extra funds for the school to keep maintaining it’s high level of facilities it offers to children. As we are apart of this we offer a percentage back to the school as part of us trying to work closely with the education sector.

We try and support as many schools, colleges and university’s as possible. This level of support and commitment we try and keep can be seen throughout our website blog. With many of our post’s being that of something to do with education.

High Lane Fun Day

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