Argos Office Ice Cream Van Hire

Argos Office Ice Cream Van Hire. They contacted us via our Get a Quote Page as they were in the process of moving warehouses. A manager of the warehouse got in touch and wanted to treat all the staff in the Leicester branch. For putting in the long hard hours helping move warehouses.

Argos Office Ice Cream Van Hire

We originally had a date set but this fell through as they were still just too busy. This wasn’t an issue and told the manager to just ring us when they were ready. it was nearly a month down the line when they finally got back in contact to rebook us for a date.

With the warehouse being 24/7 operation it was agreed that we would do all three shifts. A morning one, a day one and then the overnight shift. Around 500 or so staff throughout the three shifts were able to come up to the van and grab a Mr Whippy Ice Cream.

You could see the smiles slowly spreading across the whole team as they tucked into a tasty treat.

Argos Office Ice Cream Van Hire

Staff for any company are a huge part of any business. As a result keeping them happy is a key factor in how any company can keep running smoothly. Therefore a simple hire of one of our specialist Ice Cream Vans can make all the difference.

With us being able to move around so easily and hassle-free. It makes a perfect combination if you have multiple sites you need covering. Also with our staff being highly trained and state of the art equipment. Minimal disruption to working hours and business disruption is kept to low. Of course, you want to treat your staff but at the same time, you need them to be working.

So hiring one of our vans solves this problem!

If you need to discuss hiring one of our vans. Head to our Get a Quote Page and fill in the form there. If you need any more information on what we can provide take a look around the website as most questions you may have can be answered with all the information provided.


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