Mr Whippy Ice Cream Menu

The new 2018 Mr Whippy Ice Cream Menu is in its final stages before we get them sent off for printing. As previously mentioned in our blog the effort put into our menus are key. It’s okay having a modern fleet of Mr Whippy Vehicles but if our menu isn’t up to par. Then what’s the point.

So after some research and asking customers what they would like to see back we have finally decided on the 2018 menu. As expected the usual plain 99 single and twin cone make there early return. For next year there are some unexpected returns for some favourites over previous years.

Take a sneak peek of a small portion of what is to be on offer.

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Menu

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Menu

As we close in on the start of 2018. It’s all hands on deck here trying to make sure everything is on order for the start of next year. The progress we make year on year is vital to us.

So if we didn’t put this effort in and try and keep moving forward and updating the menu, fleet and website. We’d end up going backwards and quickly loose custom. So with this constantly driving us forward and to keep bettering our self, it can hopefully only mean we can continue to serve our delicious Mr Whippy.

As ever if you are looking to hire one of our vans. Head to the Get a Quote Page and follow the steps. It’s simple and only takes 5 minutes.


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