Slush Puppy

Across our fleet Slush Puppy machines are must have. Especially on warm sunny days a super cold refreshing drink is all you need. Hence Slush Puppy drinks offer this and are a very well known brand in its self.

Our fleet have a twin carpigiani spin slush on board. Providing Slushies  in two flavours and distinctive colours. Strawberry (red) and Blue Raspberry (blue) these two flavours have been a huge hit over the years and to date still are.

Slush Puppy

Slush Puppy’s

As a result the flavours on there own or as a mixture are a great combination. Furthermore  we also offer a Slush Mountain which has a blob of our world famous Mr Whippy Ice Cream just to top it off nicely. These combinations are great tasting and as mentioned are a proven quality product.

As ever you can expect when ever you see one of our vehicles. To see the slush machine in the background mixing round the content and keeping it ice cold for you.


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