New Fleet Update

If you follow us on our social media pages. You will have seen by now that we have a New Fleet Update.

We picked up the latest member to join us this year. It’s always an exciting time to pick up a new Mercedes Benz Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van. We have the world-renown Whitby Morrison of Crewe build all our vans. This company shows off how well the British craftsmanship is so much still alive.

New Fleet Update

Every single part of the new vans is hand made by the highly trained team their. This time around we opted for a Medium Wheel Base Mercedes Benz chassis. MWB Chassis allows for the extra room we require on most events to allow for extra stock to ensure we never run out. It also helps with us cutting queue times down to a minimum.

These high output vehicles are key to our success. Allowing us to serve huge numbers but making sure our quality standard doesn’t drop is easily done in these. The newer vehicles also help us to be assured that reliability isn’t a worry as these new off the production line vehicles maintained properly will last forever.

New Fleet Update

New Fleet Update

Making sure we stay up to date is key. So the upgrade of vehicles is key. Allowing us to have the new and ultra-low Euro 6 engines. It means we don’t have to worry about heavy engine pollution. Also, we have installed on 90% of our fleet the capability to run via electric. All that is required is a 32 amp socket.

This means no engine has to be run at all. All equipment is converted and switches to electric power. Which means ZERO pollution altogether. In this modern era worldwide pollution is creating massive adverse weather effects so any way we can help to do our bit. Will hopefully all count to a greener and cleaner air.

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