Drawing To The End

As summer starts Drawing To The End. We are slowly coming to the end of the majority of our events. We still have corporate events booked in over the next coming weeks.

This year for everyone has been a real treat weather-wise. With a proper summer for us to all enjoy we couldn’t have asked for more. If anything some days it was probably a little too hot for some. With the gorgeous summer, we had the ups and downs of the world cup also. England proving they are still trying to push and push to get back on top.

Drawing To The End

For us now is a great chance to reflect on what changes we might start needing to make for the coming year. What worked well this year and what didn’t. Making sure all our vehicles have all the little jobs etc attended too.

As well as looking out for new events to attend and add to our growing list. If you feel you have a spot for us at your event get in touch and we can discuss the options for you. We will work with you and tailor it to suit your event.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news and events over the winter months to see what’s happening here for what hopefully will be another glorious summer in 2019.