Guinness World Record Attempt

We have some exciting news about us and the Guinness World Record Attempt.

Every year the manufacture of our vehicles, Whitby Morrison of Crewe. Hold a annual event at Nantwhich Town football club to showcase some of the newest and latest ideas they have released. Each year it’s a great chance to meet up and have a good talk about how the year has been and how we can improve moving forward.

Well this year one of the bosses of Whitby Morrision has of his own back decided to give our industry a little lime light and put together a Guinness World Record Attempt.

Here’s a little about them ”

Guinness World Records is a global brand, with offices in London, New York, China, Japan and UAE, with brand ambassadors on the ground around the world. Throughout our history, we have expanded our business across many markets including Publishing, Digital, Events, Business solutions and Television, with record-breaking remaining at the heart of everything we do.”

Guinness World Record Attempt

Guinness World Record Attempt

As the people from Guinness World set out the rules to make it a real and legitimate attempt. The rally round to get the minimum of 50 vehicles set was on.

At first with them setting strict instructions on all documentation we had to provide to to enter. Some vendors from around the country were put off. As more and more started to read about it and realise it was doing our industry the world of good. More and more wanted to get involved.

So the date has been set. The 50+ ice cream vans will be meeting in Cheshire to complete the Guinness World Record Attempt.

Guinness World Record Attempt

Keep your eyes peeled on social media pages etc. As we are sure you will see the photos, videos etc very soon.

Here at Mr Whippy Ice Cream we will write a update Blog and put photos up too.