2019 Update – Mr Whippy Ice Cream

We have some exciting new things happening for 2019. So in this 2019 Update – Mr Whippy Ice Cream you can have a quick look to what will be taking place in the coming weeks.

First off, New menus. We change these every year to make sure we are offering different items from year to year as well as keeping some of the classics and best-selling items. With the addition to these new items obviously comes excitement as everyone wants to try them.

From new colourful Double Sherbet Knickerbocker Glories to new Twin cone items and toppings. It’s an exciting time for us all to be able to see how well they liked b you all.

2019 Update
2019 Update – Mr Whippy Ice Cream

As well as menus being updated obviously our fleet needs an upgrade. Again each year we strive to keep making sure we offer the very best we possibly can. Whether that’s brand new vehicles or a fresh lick of paint.

We’ve added to our fleet even more of our Specialist ice cream vans. So hopefully we will be able to cover more jobs without being fully booked as quick leaving some of you disappointed. As you can imagine we have a very busy time throughout summer. So we always ask if you know your dates for events to try and book way in advance.

This guarantees you then that we can attend your event. So you don’t have to panic trying to book someone last minute for a weekend.

We will leave you with that for now. Make sure you take a look back soon for a further quick update on what is happening here at Mr Whippy Ice Cream.

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