Office Treat & Fun

Office Treat & Fun. Working in an office isn’t always seen as the most fun of jobs depending on the job. Making the week that little bit better for everyone just may give that morale boost it needs.

What can we do you may be thinking? Office Ice Cream Van Hire is a simple and very effective way of bringing that little bit of a buzz and fun to the office with a simple Mr Whippy Ice Cream. Whether it’s a single office block of 250 staff or a whole office park with 2000 staff members. We have the solution to provide vast volumes of ice creams, keeping our quality and not disturbing the workplace.

Office Treat & Fun

We understand that a whole office block can’t just stop work. That would be unproductive for the company and have the opposite effect we are aiming for. Floor by floor, department by department. Whichever is best suited for your company to keep things flowing we can work with you to help this process pass with no problems.

We attend many offices nationwide and year on year they have us back time and time again. Our fully uniformed, DBS check staff alongside with there high level of training we provide means any issues that do arise are sorted without much of the time people realising there was even a problem.

If you are looking for that summer treat, summertime cool down then contact us via the Get a Quote Page. Simply fill out the form and we do the rest.

It’s not just office call-outs we do. If your company is celebrating a big birthday or a grand opening of a new site we can also be hired for these. Company family fun days also are a big hit. No matter the event just head over to the Get a Quote Page.

Office Treat & Fun