Sports Events Ice Cream Van Hire

Are you looking for Sports Events Ice Cream Van Hire? A Fully Registered UK Limited company with Highly trained DBS checked staff.

Well, look no further. Whether it’s

  • Football Tournaments
  • Rugby Tournaments
  • Hockey Tournaments
  • Plus Many More

We have the perfect solution for you.

Sports Events Ice Cream Van Hire

With over 50 years in the industry, we have built a huge customer base which includes many sports clubs nationwide. The service we offer is a great way to add that extra outlet at your event but also a great way to earn some much-needed fund. That is correct we PAY YOU.

Whether it’s a set pitch fee or a Percentage % of the till either way the club will receive money from us for allowing us to attend.

We work with you on this so if you have limited experience on how it all works don’t worry we will help.

Sports Events Ice Cream Van Hire

Sports Events Ice Cream Van Hire

So what next, well if you have already read that we are for you simply go to the Free Quote Page. Simply fill out the form and it’s as easy as that.

Want to Know More?

As already briefly mentioned we have football clubs, rugby clubs plus many other different sporting clubs up and down the country who have us attend each and every year for there tournaments, fun days. You name it if you think it’s worth having us then we will gladly try and be there.

You can be assured and trust us. Carrying all relevant documentation which will be sent over when the booking is confirmed that your safe in our hands. As well as us being VAT Registered + UK Registered company we also have:

5 ***** Star Food Hygiene Rating

£10 Million Public Liability Insurance

Fully Uniformed & DBS Checked Staff

New Low Emissions Euro 6 Mercedes Benz

Plus much more.

So you definitely know who we are and what we are all about.

Just to summarise, if your club is in desperate needs of extra funds this is a great way to start. With 50 years of industry experience and carrying all documentation needed so you can trust us. This is just a few of many reasons why we are the best.

So if its a Tournament, Fun Day, Final Game Of The Season, Charity Match + much more get in touch today.

Sports Events Ice Cream Van Hire