Covid-19 Update

As everyone is well aware now the UK is in its 4th day of isolation. This has naturally had a huge impact on business across the world including us.

Events we have had for years have had to cancel this year’s event until next year, some have taken the decision to try and move the event date to later on in the year. Hoping by this time it’s all under control and we can all get back to normality at least in some aspects of life.

Of course with all of this happening we had to take the decision to shut up shop only temporarily.

Under the guidance of what the government were saying we thought it would be best to take no chances at all. As peoples lives are more valuable than money at this stage.

Covid-19 Update

Where does that leave everyone, well hopefully the UK government stick to the plans they have said to help all businesses across the UK with financial help. So hopefully after all this blows over our long-standing family business doesn’t go into administration. All the hard work over the years by everyone who has worked at Mr Whippy Ice Cream Ltd hasn’t gone to waste and we can continue to provide our services in the very near future.

We would like to thank everyone in these hard times for being so understanding and all working together as one to make sure we all get through this as a nation and not individuals.

Our biggest thank you has to go out to all those working in the NHS on the frontline making sure everyone still gets the care and attention they deserve to make a full recovery. Alongside those key workers keeping the country flowing with goods to supermarkets, royal mail delivery parcels etc.

Covid-19 Update

Let’s make sure we fight this as one, then hopefully this will be all over sooner rather than later.

See you all very soon.

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Ltd.