Are you wanting a unique way for Business Promotion & Product Promotion? We have a very unique option for you, tailored to suit your every need. Whether it is for business promotion or products hiring a Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van can be a great way to turn heads.

Many big companies we work with are always wanting to stand out within there industry and advertisement or promotional is always an excellent way to achieve some much-needed brand awareness. From offering a fully wrapped vehicle in your company colours and branding. Down to the colour of sauce or fully branded tubs or cone sleeves. We can make it as unique to you as you want it.

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Keeping it simple with just custom menu boards, cone sleeves. This very simple but effective way keeps the cost down from fully wrapping and branding the vehicle but making sure that you are achieving as much possible brand awareness. Most companies or campaigns we do are aimed at one sole purpose some harmless promotion with free ice cream. Of course, in exchange for them signing up to a newsletter or something to do with your business in return, they receive a free ice cream.

The free ice cream aspect of it just helps you achieve far greater results as the general public are very wary of just signing up to new product promotions or newsletters. With our high output vehicles, this means with the right team working alongside our highly trained staff up to 1200 ice creams can be given out per hour. In a busy location in the town centre a 5-hour period, this means 6000 ice creams and potential new customers can be targeted. Not to mention the ones who don’t even stop will still see the hype around the vehicle. As well as running the free ice cream campaign a lot intertwine it with a social media boost to. So on the custom menus, you can add custom hashtags you want people to tag your brand in. Thus doubling up on even more potential customers.

Here is a brief insight into what we can offer.

Are you or your company looking for a unique way to promote your business or products. Promotional Ice Cream Van Hire is a proven way to bring in the media attention and brand awareness you are looking for. With very minimal effort from you.

Right from start to finish we will make sure the process of hiring the vehicle and also going through the creative process of working alongside our specialist wrapping company to make sure the vehicle looks and advertises what you want.

It’s not something that happens overnight, at least a 3-week window is needed from start to finish to make sure everything is in order for the vehicle to hit the road and give out free ice cream or a selection of your brands products.

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