We work with many large companies throughout the UK and Coca-Cola is one of the biggest out there. Coca-Cola Corporate Ice Cream Van Hire. We have worked with Coca-Cola now for a few years providing their staff in the factory some refreshing treats.

These factories can be very hot due to all the equipment running so a nice 15-minute break with a Mr Whippy Ice Cream to cool them off is just what they need.

Coca Cola Corporate Ice Cream Van Hire

Obviously, the only downtime these production and distribution facilities have is when something breaks or maintenance. So Our services were required for the day shift and also the night shift.
For us here this isn’t a problem, we can provide our Ice Cream Van Hire at any time of the day or night 365 days a year. We have regular clients who have big facilities running 24/7 and it’s only fair to make sure all staff get a treat and to achieve this it means numerous visits over the course of a few days at all different times.

These little gestures from our experience definitely help improve morale, bring all the workers together for 15 minutes and get them chatting to each other where they may not in other circumstances.

Overall it’s a great way to show and keep your staff encouraged to keep working hard.

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