Eco Friendly Ice Cream Vans

What do we mean by Eco Friendly Ice Cream Vans?

Well do you want ZERO emission ice cream vans at your event? We can offer this option with a supplied 32amp socket. 

Don’t worry if you can’t supply the power, all our vehicles are Ultra Low Emissions Euro 6. This means you can be rest assured that the minimal amount of fumes are being put back out into the atmosphere meaning no smell, no smoke and no fuss for you.

Along side us operating one of the most Eco Friendly fleets in the UK, we have also taken the decision to stop using single use plastics. We now use many alternatives which are so much better for the environment.


Let's go ZERO!

Making sure we continue to offer the cutting edge in technology and environmentally friendly options we continue year on year to improve and adapt on how we operate as a business.

As mentioned with the state of the art Eco Friendly Ice Cream Vans. We can operate them a variety of ways. One of them means absolutely ZERO emissions will be produced! So no noise from the engine running, no fumes, no smoke, no nothing. So those indoor events you may have, we can now attend  !

This is great for many reasons but the main one is bragging rights for you. You can publicly say that the ice cream vans at your event are greener than green!

Any way you and the event can be seen trying to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint is a win win for everyone.

To use this option we do require a 32amp socket.


Let’s go green!

We have stopped using single use plastic.


How have we achieved to eliminate the use of single use plastics as a company?

We have thoroughly scoured the industry to see what is available to us. Say bye bye to plastic straws. We now use biodegradable paper straws.

Plastic spoons and cups, absolutely not! We have sourced biodegradable clear cups or we use paper ones to. As the years keep passing by we will continue to re think and see if there are even greener option for us to use!



ZERO Emission Ice Cream Vans


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Say NO to single use plastic

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