Are you looking for Event Ice Cream Van Hire – 2024. Then you have come to the right place.
We offer our services for a huge range of shows and event across the UK, from events with attendances with 100,000 people such as Southport Airshow, Badminton Horse Trials and more. To some smaller local Carnivals or Music festivals with a range of 5000 to 20,000 people. You name it we have done it. Contact us for more information on what we offer.

Our 50+ years experience helps us to understand and find your ideal solution in what we should offer for you. Naturally the bigger the show the more vehicles we’d suggest to keep queuing times to a minimum. With a fleet of 10+ at our disposal this isn’t an issue. Not only that we pride ourselves in providing a eco friendly solution for you. All our vehicles are ultra low euro 6 emission rated, and are or have the capability to run on electric meaning ZERO emissions.

Event Ice Cream Van Hire - 2024

Event Ice Cream Van Hire – 2024

So now you know what we can offer in terms of the fleet. How about knowing what we sell.
Obviously the main attraction our Worldwide Known Mr Whippy Ice Cream. Alongside this we offer then various toppings and options to jazz up your ice cream to your taste and needs.

Need such as any allergy issues. We make sure we cater for all allergy concerns. Such as Gluten Free, Halal, Vegan, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and many more. Making sure everyone in the family can grab something and not be left out.

Our well trained staff can guide and answer and questions that may arise as they have a very good knowledge on all the items we sell. If not we can always resort to showing you your allergen sheet. This breaks down in full any ingredients that may need to be taking into account.

Of course now we are in 2024, card payments are now becoming the go to. This is why all our vehicles are fitted with at least 2 card machines each to make sure the queue times stay to a minimum and also incase we have an issue with one of them. We have a back up until the onsite event management can get to them to provide another.

Simple things make the difference. This is why we are regarded by many of our events we operate at, as the best. This is why they use us year after year.

If you need more info please contact us through our Free Quote Page.