As many of you are aware and enjoy to read. We thought now would be a good time to share about the Fleet update, What’s the plan?.

Obviously, this year 2020 for most will be one that will definitely not to be remembered. This is just a minor blip. We can’t hide under the rug now for the rest of mankind, we have to plough through and make the best of a bad situation.
For us as a company, on the whole, did see huge drops in turnover from past years just like many UK businesses did. For us, we need to continue to plan for the future.

Keep planning for future events, those new ones as well as those we’ve had for many many years. This only means one thing. Keeping our fleet the best and youngest it can be making sure not only are they pleasing to the eyes of you and the events we attend. Also making sure they are as economically friendly as possible.
Meaning the usual and go to chassis the Mercedes Benz sprinter. These offer us everything we need, reliability, low emissions but also the good looks.

So with this in mind, and along with the fact they will also have the usual onboard facility to run via Electric where they can. It will make our fleet one of the youngest, low polluting fleets in the UK.

We will continue to post updates as and when we get them on the progress of the vehicle. For now, you can see the first step in the giant jigsaw puzzle to be started.

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