Since all this begin we have still been offering our Ice Cream Van Hire – COVID Safe. What does this mean you may be asking.

Right from the get-go we have been in touch with local authorities constantly making sure we are offering the latest protocol on how to keep working but stay safe. We are under constant review of this and are always trying to make sure both us and our staff are safe as well as you.

So how are we doing this?

Ice Cream Van Hire – COVID Safe

In place, we have a few measures in place to make sure we and everyone else is protected as best as possible.

First, off the bat, we introduce a COVID Health & Safety document. This was so everyone understands what needs to be done within our company to make sure they are aware of how to carry out the procedures.

Secondly, We already maintained a high level of cleanliness, holding a 5***** Star Food Hygiene rating for all our vehicles is just one way we can show this. Obviously, with the virus, we highlighted the fact that there needed to be extra steps taken to make sure we try and avoid any transmission at all. So extra cleaning and use of more chemicals were introduced, this in its own right brings in risks as we can’t cross-contaminate our ice cream products. So a risk assessment was written out to avoid any of this to work alongside the Health & Saftey document.

Thirdly, We introduced like many other outlets a perspex screen to try and avoid as little as possible air contaminants into the vehicles. Unfortunately, the rules aren’t clear and as we work outdoors some people decide to wear a mask when ordering but others don’t so this helps everyone involved, from staff to customers.

Fouth, we live in a time where the contactless payment was getting really popular. This virus though just help take it over the tipping point. We already offered as a company card payments so this for us wasn’t an issue. So with the government guidance, where possible we were encouraging people to pay contactless.

All the local authorities advised us that because we had the perspex screen in that other PPE was made optional. So when we were being privately booked for a Corporate Event, School Event, Office Call Out etc. We gave the option over to you. Some wanted us to wear the mask etc others were happy with the screen and regular use of sanitising on counters etc we do anyway.

So with all this being said, the huge roll-out of the vaccine. Hopefully, we will start to see some more of you very soon on private bookings. If you’d like a quote please head to the Free Quote Page.