We are working hard to complete our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Menu 2020. These new menus will include some of the usual returning favourites, such as our super popular Rainbow Sprinkle Glory. As well as the traditional 99 flake.

Of course year on year we try our best to introduce something a little different just to keep you all tempted. This year Mr Whippy Ice Cream Menu 2020 is no different.

We will have well over 20+ products available to purchase for this year. As our windows are limited to space obviously not all of them will make it to the window. So if you don’t see your favourite then just ask. We can make off the board things of course.

Of course, we are always open to suggestion so if you don’t see your favourite, or would like us to introduce a certain item then please do let us know. If we see enough demand then we will add the item.

Of course, for a new year, it isn’t just new menus we are developing. Making sure all our vehicles are serviced etc for the coming year is vital to make sure our 100% reliability is kept. Of course, expanding and changing our fleet is always another key area we try and keep up to date with.

Making sure we move forward is a key theme we stick to. Having the lowest polluting engines we can possibly use and operate with is vital for us. So making sure that we have the latest Euro 6 engines as well as our electric running capabilities just makes sure we are always that 1 step in front.

So no matter this year what event you are holding from

  • Weddings
  • Office Call Outs
  • Corporate Events
  • Music Festivals

Or you just want general Ice Cream Van Hire. You name it, we can help you. Simply head to our Get a Quote Page, fill out the form it’s as easy as that.