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Music Festivals

Music Festival ice Cream Van Hire, we pride our self in professional and quality service. Operating since the 1960’s this has gained us a reputation in the industry we strive to keep. This has seen us year after year keep growing and growing. We have many new shows who come to us then end up coming back year on year.

Music Festival Ice Cream Van Hire

So you need ice cream vans for your music festival. You have come to the right place. With over 50 years of experience we feel like we know what we are doing.

We provide some of the biggest festivals across the UK, from 10,000 people to 90,000. Our fleet of modern Mercedes Benz Ultra low emissions vehicles that also have the capability to run on electric meaning ZERO emissions.

Many events now across the UK have gone contactless. This isn’t an issue for us. All of vehicles have multiple card machines to allow use of card and contactless payments. 
With customers in mind we have ensured and adapted our menus to make sure we accommodate for everyone. So this means we have items for all allergy concerns, Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Celiac, Nut Free plus more… if this wasn’t enough. Just to be on the safe side we have a full allergy sheet the customer can request to double check any allergy concern in any item we serve on our van.

With our fleets age being an average age of only 2 years old. It means all our equipment is the latest and greatest. No amount of people with cause of machines to need a rest. So you can rest easy that queuing times will be kept to a minimum at all times !


We have always tried to accommodate all kinds of new events over the years

We cater for many large and small Music Events across the UK

We cater for many large Music Events across the UK and have seen our fair share of great shows, but just because we have done these larges shows doesn’t mean we have shied away from the smaller events. We have always tried to accommodate all kinds of new events over the years from

Local Family Festivals


One-off charity fundraisers

Plus More

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