Yet again we have added another New Ice Cream Van to our fleet.
This vehicle was slightly delayed due to reasons out of our hands. We eventually have picked up another stunning van to add to our youngest fleet to date!

This small wheel base is a fine example of what we can offer through out our fleet now. The euro 6 engine means it’s super clean and only emits the bar minimum in todays standards in emissions. If this wasn’t enough as ever it also have the capability to run via electric. Yes absolutely ZERO emission produced. These vehicles are designed with high demand in mind.

Meaning any big events are safe in the knowledge knowing we can serve the best keeping queuing times down. With it being fitted with all the latest and greatest in technology. Any size of event with a fleet like ours at your fingertips can cater easily even on the hottest of days.

New Ice Cream Van
New Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van Hire 2023

Do you us?

Its very simply to get your hands on one of our state of the art vehicles for your event. Simply head to our Free Quote Page. Fill the form out and we will do the rest. Yes it’s that simple.
Whether your event has 1000 people or 100,000 attending we can cover and supply a whole fleet for your event.

We also offer our services for Weddings, Corporate Events, School Events, Office Call Outs and much more. If you need the No.1 Ice Cream Van Hire service you have come to the right place.