Sports Day Ice Cream Van Hire

Sports Events

Are you a PE teacher or organiser of your sports day? We can provide you with our Sports Day Ice Cream Van Hire.
Or do you need one of our Ice Cream Vans at your football/rugby tournament. Below we will try and provide you with as much information we can to help you. From why you can trust us to what deals and packages we offer.

We will start off by how you can trust us

We have been serving nationwide since the 1960s. During this time we have built standards that we won’t let drop. Within these years many schools whether being primary or High schools have always had and continue to host sports days. Sports days are a great way to get the whole school involved in taking part in a huge range of sporting activities.

Whether it’s track and field events or team games such as football. It is a great way to produce some healthy competition within the school. As well as getting the students active.

Our expertise always develops with what our customers want. Sports Day Ice Cream Van Hire has become a very popular event within the last few years. You can trust us to provide the best service and products on the day. As well as fully uniformed and DBS checked staff. Which we know is crucial as you always need to make sure the students are safe.

The DBS certificates can be sent over with all other documentation:


£10 Million Public Liability Insurance


5***** Star Food Hygiene Rating


Level 2 Food Safety Course


MOT / Vehicle Insurance

How does it work?

The variety of ways we work with you varies on what you are after. Making sure you are happy is key so making sure we work with you is always a great start. Our Ice Cream Van Hire won’t disappoint you.

Many schools we work with year after year work on percentage bases. This means we will turn up on the day, our highly trained staff will make sure they are set up and ready for what normally is an onslaught. Do not worry though all our staff are more than capable of serving 1000s of products each hour. If we work along the lines of the percent basis, what we do is offer 3 items all at £1 so it is affordable to all students.

Or if you are hosting a public sports tournament, we pay you. The amount is usually a % of the takings from the day, or sometimes an agreed pitch fee before hand. Which ever way it is we can help you.


Choose From:

They are free to choose from either a 99 flake, Ice lolly or slush puppy. By only offering three items it reduces the time for them to make a decision and means we can serve everyone in the limited time we may have. It always helps us if they are told days before to bring actual £1 coins rather than £10 notes etc to buy just 1 item.

Most schools choose this way because say you have 1000 students and we sell 1 item to each one and give you back 25% of that. The school ends up receiving a considerable donation of Mr Whippy Ice Cream which they are free to spend on whatever the school needs at the time. All you have to do as a school in book us, to do this head to the Get a Quote Page as availability soon goes for selected dates.

Our vehicles are self-efficient and do not need any input from the school. Obviously bins for the student to put rubbish in helps you keep the fields clear but from our point of view all the rubbish we produce inside. Will be taken off-site and recycled where possible.

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Credentials: CIEH Registered | Public Liability Insured | Caterers Club Member | Fully Licensed